Hooray, it’s a new fancy splash page!

This one was a LOT of hard work, moreso because I faced a lot of time constraints this week. I’m really happy with the dramatic, over-the-top effect, though. In fact, it was so much work that I’m publishing this 20 minutes before my weekly deadline. I’m dead tired.

Last week, I mentioned possibly getting rid of comment sections under the comics, instead moving the discussion to Facebook or Twitter — deleting my “On Naggi O’Reilly” post (which was targeted by HUNDREDS of spam bots) actually just resulted in the spam bots moving to my latest post. Since they’re just getting way too out-of-control, I’m VERY MUCH leaning towards deleting comment sections (once I figure out how to!!), so comments towards the page can move somewhere else. Later today, expect a discussion post to go up on the Bros in Space Twitter and Facebook!

Until next time, cheers!