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Bros in Space follows the lives and adventures of three bros: Jake, Kenny, and Ponzo. All with their own problems in life, they seek thrills, excitement, and discovery across the lands with their trusty rocket van. Of course, it’s not all fun and explosions — the universe can be dodgy, treacherous, and downright slimy. Will they cope? Will they fight? Only one way to find out!

Disclaimer: Not always in space. There will, however, always be bros.

About the Project

I’ve been writing comics since i was just eight years old; as a child, it was always my dream to write a full story in comic form! However, because of a crippling illness involving mental focus, I’ve never finished more than a few pages — hundreds of stories, several different series, I just couldn’t ever finish one because of my problem. It was a truly miserable time.

Things changed with Bros in Space, though — when I was nineteen, I had finally broken through with a comic, Symbiosis. I was so happy that I’d gotten so far with it, I made this website, dedicated to my first ever comic to make it. While Bros in Space is certainly no Magnum Opus yet, it will be my means of furthering my abilities as a cartoonist and a writer, so that one day I can call this a masterpiece!

So stick around for the ride — follow the adventures of our three bros, with the bonus adventure of me improving as a cartoonist!

About the Author

My name is Marlon. Many of my friends call me Kenny, just like the otter!

I suffer from a lot of problems in my head. I’m very sad all the time, I’m very terrified all the time, and it’s extremely hard for me to keep focus. This means my teachers called me lazy and useless all the time, that I’d never amount to anything in my life. I also lived in Makati City, Philippines, which was filthy and there was not much to do. It was a dreary, miserable time growing up.

If there was one thing that kept me going, though, it was all the beautiful, fun worlds I created in my head. Worlds that had interesting people, beautiful places, and adventures to be had. To share these with other people, and to live out these adventures as if they were my own, I became a cartoonist. While it’s been a rough ride trying to ever get one off the ground, I’m glad I can now share with you all the world of Bros in Space!

I’ve since moved out of the Philippines to Sydney, Australia, and am now out of school for good. Now that I’m in much better circumstances — and undergoing plenty of therapy, I’m working hard and fighting my mental problems to work on my first-ever big comic project!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.