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About Bros in Space

Bros in Space follows the lives of three best friends – Kenny, Jake, and Ponzo, on their quest to fight that crippling feeling of boredom. Together, they have adventures across the lands, make exciting new discoveries, and traverse new planets in search of a good time.

(Disclaimer: not always in space. There will be some space, but mostly Bros.)

About The Project

While I’ve been drawing and trying to make cartoons my entire life, Bros in Space has been my first comic ever to take off.

I created the series as a way to live out exciting adventures, and have the fun I could never have in my boring old life. Here I’ll be sharing these adventures, and I hope you have as much fun living them out as I did.

About The Author

Kenny, the namesake of Kenny (the otter), lived in the Philippines until his adulthood. Hindering mental illnesses led to poor academic performance, which led to endless abuse from his teachers. To get his mind off it all, he always looked to watching and reading cartoons. Their ability to take one out of the terrible real world — and into a colourful, happy, exciting one always brought a smile to his face, and kept him from giving in to the misery.

While he had been drawing since eight, Kenny devoted himself to learn the art of cartooning to share the magic with everyone else in his life (and out of it). Now in the happier country of Australia – and out of academics for good, he works to produce Bros in Space as his first big cartooning project.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.