The “Zombie” in “Zombie Telepisces” comes from its empty, deathly, zombie-like stare. And the “Telepisces” bit, as has now been revealed, comes from its ability to stare into another’s eyes for a while, and flash a literal flashback at them! If only Kenny had just looked into its eyes a bit longer in the past…

This page was quite trying for me to make. Between the “AUGH!” panel and the last panel, there were quite a few special effects/motion effects to make, and those are tough for me — they’re tough to make in the first place, but it’s made even tougher because I don’t like to lay them over the lovely line-art. But it is something I’m getting around to doing… And besides, I bloody loved making the electroencephalogram pulse at the very start of the page.

So on another note, you may not know it, but my website gets spammed by tons of spanish pornography sites daily. Of course, I block all the comments, but it’s annoying to have to keep doing so. I’m considering removing the comment section entirely, and moving the discussion to the BiS Facebook or Twitter instead. I’m still deciding, of course.

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Until next week, cheers!