Heeeellloo everybody! Had a good week so far? Let’s make it even better with the publishing of a new Bros in Space comic.

There’s been a bit of technical difficulty, as the tablet I use to colour and shade the comic has had its wire all frayed, and it tends to act totally possessed every now and then. Can’t let that stop me, though, because I’m really glad with how the page turned out. It took me three days just to finish inking it all in on paper! And, well, I had a lot of fun colouring everything in. The “Leviathan”‘s teeth in the second panel, for example, were all done pixel-by-pixel because they were too small to do in pen. A lot of other effects, like the water shadow and highlights, also all done on computer.

So regarding my drawing tablet, all I need to do is replace the connecting cord because it’s very frayed. If any of you live in the Sydney CBD and spot a replacement cable (or even a wireless kit!) for a Wacom Bamboo tablet, please tell me which shop you found it in!

If you do find one, you can contact me via Twitter or Facebook! Or even just send me a “hello” or something. It will, in the least, help me not feel so alone!

Till next time, cheers! Have a great weekend!