By popular request, Bros in Space is now in… SPACE! Finally those rioters outside the bank will go away. And maybe put on their pants.

My god, this page has been probably the most effort to go into a BiS page yet. Those two establishing shots on the top of the page took a bulk of production time — I’m not kidding, 70% of it probably went into detailing all the little characters going about their days. The glorious space station, or “Astrodrome” as appropriately named, was conceptualised pretty much on the spot when I had to do the preliminary sketches for this page. Next page you’ll be seeing something particularly magical about it.

The week was setback upon setback for me, as I put a little too much on my plate for the weekend till Tuesday. I’m so amazed I finally got this one done in time, though I’m not ahead of production now. That’ll be alright, though. As always, I’ll still be working to deliver these weekly.

For now, I’ll be having my weekend break — and smashing in Splatoon 2, which just came out! Till next week, why not follow us on social media? Feel free to shoot us questions and comments. In fact, PLEASE do. It really abates the crushing loneliness, which in turn helps production because I’m not spending my time crying!! Simply click one of the buttons below. Cheers!

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