Sometimes, I just look at the new pages I’ve been writing, and just can’t believe it’s actually rolling! That break I had went on a little bit longer than I’d anticipated with me visiting my family, and it’s strange getting back into the groove of this.

Since BiS is still fairly new, the looks of the comic and the characters are evolving over time. You probably noticed that Jake is now really round and chunky, but please refrain from trying to squish him through your screen.

One problem I’ve always had is, because I spend so much time making the visuals work, even the smallest amount of text feels like too much distraction from the lovely visuals. To make the text more subtle (but not completely gone), I’ve tried making the speech bubbles line-free. Slow and steady look updates!!

You might right now be thinking: “Hey, is there a Bros in Space Patreon yet?” I’ve been asked a bit about it, but I still haven’t set one up yet. There’s quite a bit to consider still, in terms of what I can actually offer in terms of reward tiers and whatnot. The sketches? Thumbnails? What would you like? If you’ve got any suggestions, why not send them to me over the social medias? I’ve got some links below (in lovely new buttons), so check us out there!

Until next time, cheers!

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