Oh my lordy, Ponzo’s still at it? Of course he is. Have you ever tried to make a fox shut up? I’ll never get those hours of my life back…

While I wanted to have Ponzo still covered in “yap yap yap” bubbles, I figured I’d let it slow down for this page as he talks about… Emergency systems. It made for a better transition into the shutting-up part in the last panel. While I love writing the fancy author’s notes in these bloggy bits, that’s actually the only one I can think of for this page. Otherwise, everything else went off without a hitch for once!

After publishing last week’s comic, I finally went out to see a new psychologist. I’m seeing them later today, too. For a first day, we got to make a lot of progress figuring things out about me, and I’m really pleased so far. This week I’ve just been so sad, so lonely still. I hope we can fix it all up soon. It’s been so hard to get anything done anymore! I hope, if we can solve all my problems, I can work all the more harder on the Bros in Space updates, and get a lot more pages done faster.

That’s all for this week! You know the drill, be sure to follow Bros in Space on the social medias below, and especially my personal Twitter! Until next week, cheers!

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