About Bros in Space


Bros in Space follows the lives and adventures of three bros: Jake, Kenny, and Ponzo. Just plain bored with their lives, they seek thrills, excitement, and discovery across the lands with their trusty rocket van. Of course, it’s not all fun and explosions — the universe can be dodgy, treacherous, and downright slimy. Will they cope? Will they fight? Only one way to find out!

Disclaimer: Not always in space. There will, however, always be bros.

About the Author

Bros in Space is an independent project by Marlon Maclean. Growing up, he lived in the filth-hole that was Manila, Philippines, where nothing especially fun nor interesting ever happened. With his teachers dead-set on ruining him for life, too, Marlon took it upon himself to create his very own cartoon worlds, as a means of living out fun, exciting adventures he never could himself.

Still too much of a wreck to get a real job or go to school, Marlon works to produce Bros in Space, sharing the fun and excitement with others. We hope you enjoy the comic as much as he has!


Marlon M. Totally what he looks like.