By now, you’re probably familiar with Kenny — the small, squishy pro swimmer who’s hunting down a fish for Naggi in Symbiosis. Today’s blog post, as you’ve probably guessed, will go into when and how Kenny was first designed!

Kenny Profile Small

Kenny the Otter

He was the first of the three bros to be designed — way way way back when I was in 7/8th grade! While most of my characters start off as a concept sketch on paper, Kenny began as a fully fleshed-out sprite in a video game. He was first brought to life when a good friend of mine and I were making RPGs (role-playing games) as our own personal projects. The game I made was Yabadab Uni, in which demons took siege of a university through portals in various classrooms. The player was to explore each world, and in doing so seal off the demonic portals.


Battle screen in a beach world, featuring “Yabadab Uni”‘s three main characters.

At one point in the game, two characters would join the party. One was a retired, battle-hardened marine, accompanied by his friend — an Otter who painted with magic water. I was very happy with their designs, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out good names for them. My friend suggested I name them after us, sort of like having credits to us in the form of characters! I loved the idea — the captain was named “Captain Cayman”, which he liked to call himself. The otter was named Kenny; my real name is indeed different, but I always used “Kenny” when I ordered coffee so the waiters wouldn’t botch it, and it became a sort of nickname for me.

Game with Kenny and The Captain. Back then he wore light-blue, white-spotted trunks and a beret.

We never finished our games, but I was very attached to Kenny’s design. His smooth form and flowing body shape were ridiculously fun to draw, and as a result I was drawing him all the time. And as a result of that, his design was refined and changed over time, slowly evolving into the Kenny we know and love today. Even now, he still goes through little outfit and proportion changes, but is still as fun as ever to draw. None of the other characters would be designed until years later!

So there you have it! The story of how the first space-bro came to be. Next time I make a blog about Kenny, it might just be about the different designs he’s taken over the years! So be sure to follow Bros in Space on Twitter or Facebook for any new blog announcements that’ll pop up.

Till next time, cheers!