At last! After weeks of trying to figure out how all this fancy site-hosting stuff works, I’ve finally, finally launched my site. While the site itself is still tiny, my priorities are with publishing my comic — I can always change up my website as I go.

It’s still quite small at the moment, but of course, in-between comic uploads I’ll be updating the website with new pages and content too. What matters, though, is that you can now read the first few pages of the first installation of Bros in SpaceSymbiosis. I’ll be uploading new pages on a weekly basis, and fortnightly if I plan to make some updates to the site (which I’ll post about first)!

Click on the “Comics!” button under the header to check out the comics. And click on the comic images to see larger-res versions of them! I’m still working out the kinks in that.

With regards,

  • Kenny (the human)