It seems Kenny’s put the pieces together to the puzzle of the Zombie Telepisces and Titan Rogmaw: They needed his help, and wanted to return the favour! Is he right, though? How is he so sure?

This was one of the hardest pages to write; the last three panels went through so many rewrites, as I had to have Kenny tell his story in as few words as possible over the bottom row of panels (and decide what would best go on the complementary images), given the page was already on the text-heavy side. You probably know by now I massively favour image storytelling over text, but sometimes, I do feel text is necessary for the pacing of a comic — between panels and to the story as a whole.

As I get closer to finishing the first Bros in Space episode, I get more and more excited with what’s to come. At least, in terms of site updates, the upcoming Episode 2, things I’m gonna improve on with the comic, and a few more surprises. I’ve learned so much from this, and I feel like for the first time in my life, I’m getting somewhere! Despite my lonely life, there’s satisfaction coming through thanks to this.

That’s all for now! And of course, here are the obligatory links to the Bros in Space Twitter and FacebookUntil next week, cheers!