The Zombie Telepisces demonstrates a mysterious ability we never knew it had! I guess now we know why it’s called the “Telepisces”. We also see the return of Kenny’s “Sapphire Lutra” blade. Were you wondering where it went off to after his venture into the abyss? I totally didn’t just forget to draw it!

So, again, thanks to me having sketched everything out over my Christmas break, it’s meant more update time! A while ago, a new “About” page went up on the site. You might not need it if you’ve been reading regularly, but it’s something nice for new readers to get to see when they first visit. With that off my checklist, the next thing for me to work on is a Fan-art page. At the moment I only have six drawings I’ve been sent, but it should be enough to make a nice tiny gallery for the time being. If you have any more to add to the collection once I make the page, let me know! Send it to me via Twitter or Facebook and I’ll post it to the website!

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