Today, we learn just what happened to Eisenfaust’s right arm! Well, more like just a hint of what happened. But we know what the Titan Rogmaw does, and can probably fill in the gaps…

During my christmas break, I sketched out a LOT of the remaining pages of Symbiosis to keep on the backburner. As a result, I get to skip the thumbnailing and sketching phases and go straight to digital drawing. Since I had so much extra time for this page, I tried to make it super intricate and get really into the details. I don’t know if it ended up more interesting or more messy as a result.

Things are going pretty well for me in life, anyway — I recently got a pair of glasses with a special blue-light filter, meant to lower eye-strain when I work for long hours on my computer! Because nothing quite spoils the day when I’m in a productive comic-drawing mood but can’t continue because my eyes are frying.

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That’s all for this week. Cheers!