Bros in Space is back from Christmas break! Oh boy!

Remarkably, our heroes have captured themselves a Titan Rogmaw — classified as a freaking leviathan… Yet still haven’t laid a finger on the Zombie Telepisces. Is that a good or a bad thing? And just what plans do they have for this mighty apex beast? These questions, and whatever other questions you might have, will be answered in next week’s instalment of Bros in Space!

I hope you all had some happy holidays — I know I sure did. Before taking a break, I was exhausted from pushing myself so much to make the latest pages… Yet, in the middle of my vacation, I was just itching and twitching to do more. In the end, I actually planned out the rest of this entire episode! And with the end in sight, it’s been all the more motivating to blaze through it. Bros in Space’s first episode — and the first comic I’ve ever took this far, is reaching its conclusion! My god, I can’t get over how exciting it is. I can’t wait for episode 2, but of course, I gotta focus on completing Symbiosis, first!

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Till next week, cheers!