Happy Holidays, everybody — and enter what may be the last Bros in Space page for this year!

However much you love something, it’s still important you have a break from it. And what better time than Christmas holidays! From now until January, I’m going to have a vacation from comic production. While I love making new pages of Bros in Space, it does get quite stressful to meet the deadline every week, and things just get very hectic with it. A break from production will be just the thing I need to refresh myself, and hopefully get back into a good rhythm come January! And I’ll hopefully see you all back here after you’ve all had your refreshing vacations too!

I’ll make a proper announcement on the site during my free time. I mean, you’ve already read my break announcement here, but just to be sure, right?

I’ll still, every now and then, post some arts and doodles, and possibly announcements, as I draw them over the Christmas break. They will be posted on the BiS Twitter and Facebook, so please follow them both to catch them all!

So, until January, I hope you all have some wonderful, happy holidays. And until then, Cheers!