Hello, readers! Happy weekend!

It’s another week, and another new thrilling page of Bros in Space. Plans spin out of control even further, as Eisenfaust misses her mark by miles. She didn’t quite get to finish telling us how her shot was, did she?

You may notice on this page, the return of slightly thicker outlines! When I was picking out colours from an older page, I realised the thick outlines just looked really nice. Things just stuck out more, and overall it looks more bold and powerful. Since I had a bit/a lot more time to spare this week (by sacrificing my weekend of human contact), I decided to go over everything in a thicker brush, and I’m loving the look. I might experiment with thicker and thinner outline lengths in subsequent pages, see what I like the best.

We’re actually getting very close to the finish of this first story, and I am bloody excited! This would be the first story I’ve completed ever since I started trying (since I was… 8). Sure it’s not quite perfection, but I’m so glad I’m actually getting something done in life! Oh boy!!

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See you all next week! Cheers!