Happy weekend, readers!

And, golly, this may be the latest I’ve finished a page of this comic yet! Usually I try to get them done by thursday evening (and publish them on friday), but I’ve just been so out of it lately. In the end, I finished this page on Friday morning, less than an hour before it’s meant to go up. I’m sure I brought up my mental focus disorder in the ‘about’ section, and it’s like my mind is just getting worse and worse in that regard. Part of the reason I started a weekly comic was so that I could try to fight that disorder, and actually get things done, but for some reason it’s just gotten harder over time. In fact, just trying to write this paragraph, I’ve spent about three random breaks of ten minutes just staring at the screen. Things are bloody rough.

I’m thinking about delaying page 32 for a week in order to get ahead a bit on production — like get more planned out, and have a bit more time to up the quality of the pages. Although, it’ll kind of depend if you’re all alright with it! Do send me some messages over Facebook or Twitter if you think I should go through with that or not.

My head is really hurting trying to keep focus, so sorry I had to keep it so brief!