This is the one! So I’ve decided to switch up my methods for making this page. While I usually ink a Bros in Space page with, well, actual ink-on-paper, this time I’ve moved the lining process to the computer. Now the only on-paper part of the process is the initial sketching! As I thought, there’s a lot more room now to experiment with my line-art and other various special effects (such as those splashes in the first panel). It’s a lot easier to visualise scenes with lighting and speech bubbles now… And so on. I’m very happy with it.

Most importantly, though, it actually is a lot less time and toil to create. It’s a lot more enjoyable. Given I suffer from bad stress every waking moment of my life, that’s pretty darn good! Although, it still ended up taking me a full week to get the whole thing done. Despite the actual work taking less time, all my newfound time is going to coping with the aforementioned bad stress. It’s certainly a rough life, but I manage.

While I’m loving this new method of writing BiS, I want to know what you all think, too! Either write your thoughts in the comment section below, or tell me what you think over the Bros in Space Facebook or Twitter! While it seems like a small change, it’s pretty darn big to decide whether to continue the series in pen or on the computer. Also to come in the future, slightly smaller text. Gonna be experimenting more in the newer pages, and I’ll be really, really happy to know of your thoughts on them as they come!