New page new page! It’s here!

Between working on the new site graphics and this page, it’s been pretty stressful, which is bad, because I’m always stressed out of my mind! Because of time constraints, this particular page actually has but a really tiny amount of ink on it. Most of the effects were done over GIMP (such as the blood and the water). I’m especially happy with the final panel, which came out with some lovely colours despite my massive difficulty with them.

I’ve got some new plans for the thirtieth page, where I’ll be trying things a bit differently. I’m considering moving most of the drawing process to the computer instead and seeing how it goes. While I have loved the traditional look, feel, and flexibility ink provides, there’ll be a lot less stress involved with doing it on the computer… And a lot more room for experimenting with things (with pen lineart, things were usually final except for some minor fixes). And it may even be faster. Be excited for it as it comes next week!!

And, of course, as you’ve probably noticed, new site graphics are slooooowly coming along. Two are on the front page now! Whether or not I can get to add more this week will depend on how smoothly things go when I “ink” my comic on the computer. Hopefully I can also get the new “about” page up and running. In fact, it’s practically ready with its text. If I could only find the time to draw some pictures or find old ones for it!

That’s all for this week. And please do follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the weekly page reminders, and other random updates. See you next week!