Helloooo, readers!

Another week, another page. While I’m still a major emotionally unstable wreck in general, I’m so glad Bros in Space is gaining a lot of traction over time. Like, a lot!! About Three new readers or so go through the full comic every week, and more and more people are visiting on the regular. It’s thanks to you all that I can feel like I truly matter as a person, that my efforts are actually amounting to something for once. And it feels great!

Not too many fancy development tidbits on this page, but I’m really happy with the way most of the faces and reactions turned out. That fourth panel, especially jake, gets me every time. I’m definitely going to use that as an avatar somewhere.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention — @nicolft on twitter made this drawing of Kenny! Absolutely adorable, and I’ll be featuring it in a fan-art blog in the near future. Check that out once it comes.

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