Don’t worry, BiS won’t always be this grisly; but I might have had a bit too much fun drawing this hunting scene!

The symbiosis between the Zombie Telepisces and Titan Rogmaw was inspired by a lot of things I observed between fish as a child. I’d love to write a post all about it, but there’s a bit more to their relationship that’s going to be revealed later in the story. Once I finish it, I might write a big blog post about how I designed the duo to fit with each other. It was tough deciding how gory I wanted to draw the hunting scene, but I decided to go all the way with it. I’m really happy with the artsy, swirly look it took on, to give it that “beautiful, but deathly” vibe.

So will our four heroes escape their grisly fates at the hands of the Titan Rogmaw? Find out soon in the upcoming pages!

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