New page! Hooray!

This one was a… Very interesting one to do. I’m not sure if you know, but I’m actually colour-blind, or at least have really bad colour perception. The huge explosion on the first panel was meant to be yellow and red or orange — and the colour you see right now is my seventh attempt at trying to find yellow, struggling terribly. After bouncing things off two of my friends, I just could not find a proper yellow colour. Everything was always green green green. As I was ready to cry and bawl my eyes out, they tell me, hold on — this greenish colour actually looks really cool. And, looking at it myself, I loved it. It has a weird psychedelic feel to it, and as one of my friends described it an “acid bomb” colour scheme. So in the end, I kept it, as a very pretty unique look from your usual red-and-yellow explosion colour scheme.

Well, that’s the unique fancy story of this page. As for stories of my life, well… Things could be better. I still have such a hard time trying to focus on anything, or just be happy in general. While I don’t really want to go back onto medications just yet, I’m glad I can still at least get my pages done every week to share with you all! In fact, Bros in Space has seen yet another huge viewer spike, too (I think, the past week, we’ve had one or two new people read through the entirety of Symbiosis each day!), so I’m really happy to have all you new readers on board. It really lifts my spirits.

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Till next time, cheers!