Heeeeeeeellllo readers! Right on schedule, the latest page of Symbiosis!

I’ve been experimenting with a few things on this page: such as two-coloured clouds to give backgrounds more depth, new formulas for colouring things underwater, more dramatic shading. I’m really glad with the results, as things look a lot “fuller” now. As more and more people are becoming regular readers, I want to take every step I can in improving my art! But what do you all think about it? Leave a comment in the comment section below and tell me your thoughts.

As with my life, things are going along quite fine. I’ve taken to working on my comic in various coffee shops around Sydney — it’s a lovely change of pace compared to working on it at home! My room at home is just so cluttered, I can’t focus on anything. When I’m out (and probably wired on coffee), I feel a lot less distracted by everything. It’s why, as of late, my comic pages have been looking prettier (well, if you ask me!).

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Till next time, cheers!