According to a Space Federation census, the number one location for illegal catnip dealing is on space trains. I don’t think that’s what Vinnie’s after, though… What could it be?

The third panel with the note is actually hand-written, and each line on each letter is carved out for the authentic handwriting experience. Past that, this page was super tough due to complications in my life — most importantly, while I was carrying groceries, I tore a ligament in the back of my hand! Because I had to not draw for a while before my hand was comfortable again, the page ended up much emptier than I’d wanted, But it still went pretty well anyway.

There’s also the matter of some severe mental problems resurfacing during the week (especially on thursday). Been so, so horribly sad that I’ve felt physically ill, and it’s been, well, hard. But I don’t want to talk about it too much, because you probably already know what that stuff entails. If it keeps persisting throughout next week, I might have to delay the next BiS page or get some strong medications. Either way, you can keep up on the news with the social media buttons below! Yay!

Short blog this week, but I hope you have a good weekend nonetheless. Hopefully a lot better than my week! Till next time, cheers!

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