Uh-oh, developments already?! Yes! I said a new character would join in in this adventure, and it’s Vinnie “the” Weasel. Kenny paints a mean picture, but is Vinnie as bad as he claims? One way to find out.

There was a lot of conflict when it came to what I wanted to do with this page! If you notice, my art style pretty much never has soft, graduated colours — instead, chunky, delicious blocks of them. But I had to change that when thinking around the first panel, since vignetting it like that was the only way to really make it look less cluttered (I tried a LOT of things). There’s a lot more advanced effects and things I’ve been getting into too — if you’ve seen my last posts on the BiS Facebook/Twitter, you’ll probably have seen just how many layers of painting go into making the glass look nice. It seems that, whenever I finally speed up production, I find a new aspect of it to spend all my time on!

This week hasn’t been very good on me, meanwhile. A favourite little nook of mine I’d been working at for years closed down, and I’ve been lost trying to find a new happy place to work on the comic. I’ve had no such luck so far, and I’m worried that all production might have to be at home, where I’m so painfully lonely all the time. I’m sure I’ll work out something eventually, and of course, I’ll still work hard to bring you the next page next week! It’s just going to be a lot harder in the upcoming week(s).

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