It’s time for Bros in Trains in Space! But first, let us delve into the story of Ponzo’s late father. But isn’t he a badger? Maybe his mother was just extra foxy?

These pages get harder and harder to do each page! I’m struggling to keep up with the weekly schedule, especially while I’m trying to cope with the crippling everyday loneliness and accompanying sadness. Be it going outside, playing video games, or seeing my friends, it’s been very hard to battle it. Turns out physical activity does not give me endolphins.

Okay, the blog this week was a little sad-sounding, but don’t worry, I’m going to have me a lovely, relaxing weekend, and as always will have a new page out next week! I’ve been considering spacing them out a bit further to keep the quality up, but I’m still thinking about it. Any updates on that, of course, and you’ll be the first to know — if you follow us on the social media buttons below! Till next time, cheers!

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