Is that a legal modification for a personal space rocket-pack? Ponzo really needs a new hobby. Like writing cartoons.

Earlier this week, I set up a Tapastic mirror for Bros in Space… And I already can’t figure out how to upload this page to the other three. Weird site, but apparently a good one to mirror on. If you read comics on Tapastic, you can add Bros in Space to your reading list and bookmark it or subscribe to an RSS feed. And more importantly, sharing! Do share the comic, because sharing it is how it grows and flourishes.

This page took a LOT of editing and setting back before finally being finalised! The bottom-left panel, most notably, went through several edits, because the original panel was similar in composition to the middle row — and ended up looking pretty static. I read a tip that characters’ relative positions (like how Ponzo is always left, and Kenny is always right) are best kept the same between panels to make things easier to follow. But keeping to that has been pretty lame, though. I always loved spinning the camera around the characters as if it were an action scene in a movie.

That’s all for this week, cheers! Be sure to share the comic, and follow us on the below social medias.

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