If your tools can do that when mishandled, should you really be wearing a singlet and shorts on the job? Space OHSA says: yes, if you can rock it.

Possibly the most fun panel to draw on this page was the bottom-left one where Ponzo’s ears are still ringing. To make the gibberish, I just drew some random swirls and erased them here and there, and it came out like its very own language.

I’ve managed to get the page done, but it’s been one hell of a week for me! But in a good way. Against all odds between my crippling mental issues, I went and got me a job! It’s for general acting and modelling and stuff, and today as of writing this (Thursday), I’m having my photoshoot in the afternoon.

But now that I have a job, what does this mean for Bros in Space?! Well don’t you worry, because comic production will still proceed as normal, every Friday! I’ve been able to produce these at a much better rate, so I’ve been building a backlog of pages — even on the very off chance I get too much work to work on the comic, it will still get to go up that Friday.

That’s all I have in the way of updates for now, so have a good weekend! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook/Twitter! There’s also now my own personal twitter, which is frequently updated with other drawings and dumb things.


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