As a kid, I’d flip the hell out if my toys or video games were confiscated. Now what am I meant to do in class?

Blog: I’ve officially moved into the new place, even though I still have stuff I’ve not taken because I am a failure at life. The new house is great though! I just wish I could sleep. No good sleep this entire week and it’s really starting to hurt.

This page marks the first starring appearance of the Lesser Ringo, a character I’ve had in the banks for a very long time. They’re little dinosaur  buddies who will do everything you want — from janitorial duties to butlers on a space train, they are happy to help… Long as you feed them. Have you spotted them in another, previous page?

That’s all for now! Short blog this week, but I’ve still got things to do with moving. My god, thankfully, this week will be the last you hear of it. I can’t wait to get working on the next set of BiS updates, because next week, things are really going Off the Rails!!

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