Are safety goggles even enough to protect you from that? Not the explosion, I’m talking about the sinking regret.

Blog: I can’t believe it! I was sketching HEAPS of pages yesterday, only to find I’ve run out of paper on hand — it’s all been moved to the new house. My scanner is still there too. Yes, I’m still moving my things because I’m that bad with life. shouldn’t be too long before I’m done, though. I’m so slow at life and hate myself for it. At least I’m speeding up my art production. While I’ve been crumpled on the floor in stress over moving, I’ve gotten to sketch pages all the way till the mid-20’s. Off the Rails is gonna be a pretty long one, even moreso than Symbiosis! And I’m sure it’ll be a super rad book to get printed out one day. I look forward to that so much. Maybe that’s what keeps me going. My psychotherapists always tell me there’s light in my eyes when I talk about it.

Pretty soon I’m gonna be working on my fan art page (at last), and to go with it, I wanna host a raffle or something. Send in an artwork to enter, and one entrant will randomly be chosen to decide what I’ll draw on a new BiS poster/wallpaper. That’s the plan, anyway, as I (very slowly and surely) set up the page. I’ll have all the details posted on a later date. Look forward to it. <3

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