Isn’t it the best when you have friends you can just sleep together with and it’s not awkward? Oh my god I miss human contact so much please help me

Blog: I got sick. AGAIN. The other week I had to delay a page due to food poisoning, and this time I had to delay it because of a nasty cough/cold/flu/something. As of the time of writing this, I’m still sick with it. I’ve had it for two weeks now, but I didn’t want to delay this page even further.

I’ve been around too lately. I dropped by Melbourne to see some family, and the weekend after that I went to Ozcomicon to help my best friend (Foxeaf) sell her artwork at her booth. So many other comic artists selling their stuff at booths too. It was pretty disheartening and depressing, but I can only hope that one day I’ll be at that level. One day. The rest of the week I’ve just been sick and miserable. I’ll spare you the details of how miserable. You prolly already know how sad I am all the time.

For this page I wanted to experiment a lot more on colour. You probably know by now I can hardly tell what colours are what, or what goes with other colours. The biggest challenge in making a dark/night scene is making everything dark but the shapes and colours still differentiable from each other. I hope I totally pulled it off this time!

That’s all for now, I need to rest a bit and hope this sickness, whatever it is, finally goes away by next week. You can keep posted by following Bros in Space on the Social media buttons below! There’s also my personal Twitter, which haas more frequent personal updates. Cheers!

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