“Have some rest” is Jake’s solution for everything. He once told a dead guy to rest and he wasn’t dead anymore. Apparently.

Blog: The rocket carriage and the room the bros are staying in have little light gradients to show bits are glowing. But since the comic is rendered in cel-shading, I’m actually doing the “gradients” colour-by-colour with solid lines. In fact, even the light-and-dark splotches of the space scenes are done in two solid colours, fun fact. I try to refrain from lots of smudging and graduation, putting a whole lot of individual colours on a single page. But at the same time, it’s sometimes necessary like the first panel where the train is zipping through the stars.

Things have been happening this week. Good things, for once. I’ve been readying my things to move into a new suburb in a few weeks, and I’ve been stressing out over it. Moving drives me nuts, so I’ve been preparing my things several weeks prior to make things as easy as humanly possible when the day comes. I’m also seeing my family in Melbourne very soon, so cue another “I hope I can make next week’s page in time”, even though I probably will somehow in the end.

And finally, that ol’ Patreon that I keep saying I’ll launch, I haven’t had time to work on it this week… Again. Everything is actually ready to fire, I just need to figure out how reward distribution works once I *have* launched it. So, so sorry it’s taking so long, but hopefully it’s not much longer.

And you know the drill. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the page updates and any (rare) other news regarding Bros in Space. And there’s my personal twitter, where I talk otters.

Till next time, cheers!

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