Foxes have acute enough hearing to detect pin drops in the snow. So… What’s it like if they have tinnitus?

Blog: It’s a little delayed, but this week’s Bros in Space is here! Unfortunately, I got held up VERY badly earlier this week with some intense food poisoning. I was hacking my guts up in the middle of the night in a very, very painful fashion. I didn’t even want to move for most of the day after that. I didn’t think I’d get this done today, but wa-hey, I did. To make things slightly more better, I even applied for some tax thing whilst poisoned.

One of my greatest challenges in creating comics has always been sound effects and words. I always worried they would get in the way of the action, or just the art in general (making it hard to erase things and fix mistakes). There’s a whole lot of sound on this page, and there’s gonna be a whole lot more in the comic, so I did a lot of experimenting with my effects. I’ve been having fun so far! Especially the colouring on the “VOOOM” and Ponzo’s scream. Hopefully it’s this pleasant for every other sound I do.

Another great thing: I’m FINALLY working on Patreon again! A lot of you have been encouraging me to, so I’ve been setting up my reward tiers and everything. With luck, I’ll finally launch the page by next week, so get ready for it if you’d like to support my comic and I with donations. Should it launch anytime earlier, you can keep posted by following us on social media. The links, as always, are in the banners below.

Till next time, cheers! And please, please watch out for ham out in markets. Don’t get sick, no matter how nice the crepe is.

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