If you ever needed any reaffirmation that the Bros are actually in space, this is it! Oh, and there’s that Vinnie prick, still being very suspicious. In space.

We’re back after a big (it was only skipping one week, but it sure FEELS big to me, okay) break. Last week I was feeling absolutely terrible. Not only were old sleeping problems beginning to resurface, but the crushing sadness that used to cripple me day after day (I’d been just holding it back for ages) came back in full force. It was really hard to restrain myself from crying on the floor for no reason during that time. It was so nice to see your support then, however. Thank you so much for that!

I’m seeing a new doctor who will hopefully help me out with these things. Until then, I’ve fought and pushed through to create a new page of Off the Rails!! Today’s page is a super grand establishy shot, which I always love.

Did you know a lot of the architecture here isn’t lined with usual pencil tools, but instead with vector curves? Usually nearly the full page is done with pencil strokes, but this time, only a little bit of it was (such as vinnie, his cart, and most of the shading and details). In order to get a consistent shape on the space station and each little curve/ridge on the shuttle, I used pathing to make a curve that was moved and stroked over over and over again, and the end result is much cleaner and architecture-y than using pencil strokes. It’s still a lot of time and effort, but I’m happy with how clean and shapely everything is coming out. I’m going to have to get used to a lot of this for Off the Rails, because this isn’t the end of the fun space architecture!

Thanks a bunch, and cheers! If all goes well I’ll have a new page up and ready for next Friday, too.

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