Today, we ease into the first page of… Off the Rails. OFF THE RAILS! Yes, it’s here at last. It’s been a lovely, long vacation, but it’s now time for an all new Bros in Space Saga. If you haven’t read the little info I’ve dropped about it during the break, read up here!

Ponzo the fox joins us this time! While the whole story doesn’t take place here, in this page we see the old O’Donnell workshop, his dreary little home. Look, and you might even see a statue of his adoptive father, the late alchemist O’Donnell.

You probably wouldn’t know it, but Kenny and Jake have just arrived home after the events of Symbiosis. He’s actually been ZZT ZZT’ing away in this workshop for the entire comic, which is why he didn’t star in it. Something tells me Jake’s not happy about that, though. What’s he got planned? The ball is rolling now on the second BiS chapter, and it’s gonna be mad! Strap in for when I drop the next page next week.

As I did with Symbiosis, pages will be coming every friday at the usual time. I’m considering lengthening the time between pages slightly so that the quality will always be better, but for now I can make it weekly since a few of them have been started!

For updates and news such as that, we’ve got social media! You can follow Facebook and Twitter for a reminder when each page goes up, and any other news related to Bros in Space. And if you want to know how I, the author, am doing, I have a personal twitter for my own thoughts too! Check them all out in the fancy new buttons below.


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