The Bros

Kenny James

A young, squishy otter, and the best friend of Jake and Ponzo. A social creature, he does his best to act nice to people, always trying to get on their good side.

Comics: 61
Recent Appearance: Off the Rails 22
First Appearance: Symbiosis 1

Jake Platz

Quite hasty and easily pissed, Jake tends to have trouble making and keeping friends. Ponzo and Kenny, however, tolerate him like no-one else has. He treasures his friendship with them greatly, and is always ready to bare his claws at anyone who dares stand between them.

Comics: 56
Recent Appearance: Off the Rails 22
First Appearance: Symbiosis 5

Ponzo McDonnell

The living legacy and adopted son of the great alchemist, Barnaby McDonnell. Having been confined to the city all his life, Ponzo has always longed for greater adventures beyond the valley of Goldberg. While still not very outgoing and quite the worrywart, he's always happy to have Kenny and Jake drag him along for adventures, having fun with his bros.

Comics: 23
Recent Appearance: Off the Rails 26
First Appearance: Off the Rails 1

Supporting Cast

Naggi O'Reilly

Novice marine-biologist who works at Quartzhead Bay Bio. He hopes to strike it big with his research on the bay's peculiar marine life. He often commissions Kenny to help him procure live specimens without damaging them with conventional fishing methods.

Comics: 33
Recent Appearance: Symbiosis 48 (end)
First Appearance: Symbiosis 3

Professor Eisenfaust

A professional marine researcher who never seems to be all that happy, perhaps because of whatever happened to her right arm. She is quite serious and doesn't often let her emotions show, although she's happy to let the cool arm-cannon do the talking for her.

Comics: 22
Recent Appearance: Symbiosis 46
First Appearance: Symbiosis 9