Hello! Good day everyone!

It’s been a while since I made a blog post here. I do apologise — I’ve been meaning to for forever! However, I’ve been very caught up in the production of Bros in Space‘s next story arc, Off the Rails.


Is that a teaser comic snippet?! Yes it is!! And it’s a pic of Ponzo, that mysterious fox in all the website art that’s erroneously missing from the first story. Just like Ponzo here, I’m hard at work writing and editing and writing even more. I’ve even been working on the first page a bit to test the waters for new things I want to do with my art.

In the last page of Symbiosis, I said I’d be going on break for just a month to write the story for Off The Rails. However, doing so has taught me something very important: it can take MORE than a month to produce a quality storyline. The process of writing a comic is a lot of cutting, rewriting, drafting, and restarting all over again, each time making the story better. And it turns out the process takes more time than anticipated (especially as a solo writer — turns out collaborating is hard too!). The story is pretty much written out, but still needs a lot more refining and editing before it’s something really swell. As a result, I’m sorry to say I need to push back the date of the story a bit longer!

I’m not sure exactly how long it will be to perfect it — it will be more than a few weeks, but definitely less than 2/3 months. The fact I’m visiting my parents overseas soon is also throwing a little wrench in the works, but only a tiny one (surely seeing my beloved mum and dad will ease the manic depression that makes me so slow at my work!). In the meantime, I think I can show you some details of what I’ve been working on for Off the Rails, to tide you over as new info arrives.

Oh yes.

Introducing… The cover page for Off the Rails!!

OTR Resized Cover

Off The Rails stars Kenny, Jake, and Ponzo as they take to the stars in the illustrious Mercury Shuttle, a luxury “train” that soars through space. Their little vacation goes south fast, however — odd figures dart around in the shadows, and whispers in the walls speak of a dastardly plan brewing just out of sight. Ponzo takes it upon himself to get to the bottom of this, but not without his best friends, Jake and Kenny.

The story will also star another recurring character, but I’ll be sharing who that is another time!

Until then, thank you so much for your patience. This next one is gonna be a riot, but I still need more time to truly make it great. Please keep posted with my Twitter and Facebook as always, for more snippets of news to come. There’s also my personal twitter here for just general news about my life and so on!

So get hyped, and Cheers!
– Marlon