Hello everybody!

So I know I’ve made this announcement on the latest page, but in case you missed the journal post (they’re right under the comic pages): I’m going to be on a holiday break from now until January! While I love getting new comic pages done, it is still highly stressful, and I’ve been overworking myself — so, for my mental wellness, it’s important I have a break from comic production.

Bros in Space will be back, of course, in early January! It will most likely be the 13th — I was debating it return on the 6th, but pushed it just a week more so I’ll have more time to finish the next page, and possibly just get ahead of schedule. So be sure to mark your calendars for then! Or, even just follow me on social media with the links below, where I’ll be sure to announce when Bros in Space resumes!

I won’t stop drawing and stuff, of course — follow me on Twitter and Facebook, where I’ll be showing off whatever drawings I do over the Christmas break. Plus, you’ll get announcements and stuff once Bros in Space resumes!

And so, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and new year. Spend it with people you love, and don’t overwork yourself. I’ll see you all in January!