Oh wow, so I’m beyond excited to show you something I’ve just been sent today!

A close friend of mine, Nora, has wanted to make me some Bros in Space art for quite a while now. But she’s had a hard time drawing my characters, since she’s used to making realistic, painterly pieces. So what does she do instead?



How spectacular is that? It looks like the intro to a Bros in Space TV show. It’s so cool getting to see Kenny, Jake, and Ponzo in not only a different art style, but also in such a different rendition to their usual cartoony selves. I’m so, so so so so very happy this was made.

And of course I have to give credit: the artist behind this piece was Taikoku! Click on his name there (or click on the image) to check out his Facebook page for more of his cool artwork. In fact, you should absolutely buy a commission from him, because they’re open right now. Getting this little gift has made me happy for the first time in so many weeks. So thank you so much, Nora and Taikoku. I really can’t put into words how much I appreciate this. <3

If you have any Bros in Space art you’d like to share, yourself, send it to me via the Bros in Space Facebook or Twitter! I appreciate it a lot.

Till next time, cheers!