As of now, page 15 of Symbiosis was put up just today! A lovely milestone for my comic work, for sure — but, something else of big importance was brought to my attention. has been the first site I’ve ever worked on, and… It’s probably pretty obvious! I didn’t realise it until it was brought up to me, but things are pretty awkward and cluttered here, especially when it comes to the home page. Which is pretty important. So, starting now, and probably during the week, I’m going to be doing a lot of site updates to make things more navigable and less confusing.

As a result, Symbiosis page 16 *may* not make it this week, and be up next week instead — there is still a chance for the next page to make it, but it will all depend on how quickly I can get the updates done! Until then, hang on to your seats as I fix up the site the best I can. Look forward to a fresher, prettier site in the week to come!

Thanks for your patience,