In Symbiosis, Eisenfaust is a researcher looking into a mysterious fish, the Zombie Telepisces. Irritable and serious, this bear hates to take nonsense and stupidity from anybody else, perhaps because she doesn’t want to lose her other arm.

Eisenfaust's Profile Small

She wasn’t always called Eisenfaust, and wasn’t always a bear, though! Unlike Naggi-o, I didn’t have any already-existing designs to use for her character, so she had to be made from scratch. I needed a species suitable for a fish researcher, so I figured I needed an animal who lived by the sea and was able to catch said fish. And so, I arrived at Eisenfaust’s first design, a Kingfisher named “Eisenheim”.

Screenshot 2016-06-18 10.04.02

Kingfisher Eisenheim was originally going to be pretty klutzy, a bird-brain, if you will. I wasn’t all that solid with the decision though. The three characters already in the comic were silly and incompetent in their own rights, so I was thinking I needed a stronger, more serious character. A few redesigns were considered to the Kingfisher to try to convey that, but in the end I scrapped the bird, deciding to move on to a new animal.

Screenshot 2016-06-18 10.04.21

The bear: strong, stout, serious, and most importantly, catches fish. It was perfect for Eisenfaust! I just so happened to draw her with a wonderful pouty face that worked great for her character, so I stuck with the design. She kept a few old design elements from Eisenheim, like the goggles, pigtails, and labcoat. I gave her an arm-cannon-claw, because no marine-biologist should ever leave home without one. As a silly joke on her right arm, her name was changed to Eisenfaust. 

There’s quite a bit more to Eisenfaust’s character and background — which we’ll find out more about as Symbiosis goes on. Stay tuned for more!