Alrighty! Page 7 of Symbiosis has been published, and a friend brought something up with me. When people share my comics, usually by the direct image URL, the person receiving it wouldn’t know where to go to read more. So to fix that, I’ve added the Bros in Space website URL to the bottom of every page! So now the comics are much more convenient for sharing. We were also talking about me possibly resizing the pages since the files are super large, though they are already shrunk from their original size. Whether or not that pulls through, we’ll see.

Also since I now have URLs on my comic pages, I’m thinking about expanding to some other website like Deviantart or something to gain more of an audience sharing it there. The better-res versions will always be on this site, of course, but I probably should share the pages on other art-y websites to get them out there, y’know?

Aaand lastly, yet another thing brought up by a friend, I’m going to eventually set up a Patreon and PayPal for the comic (possibly once I set up B.I.S. on other sites) – so people can support the comic, or at least help maintain the site. I’ll most likely even send over concept art and work-in-progress pages to donators.

Soo, just some stuff to look forward to in the future of Bros in Space. Cheers!